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A destination of excellence and to make the tourism industry a major contributor to the socio-economic development of the nation.

JABA TOURS activities are designed to stimulate the Bangladeshi tourism and tourism related industries. This helps promote new investments in the country while providing increased employment opportunities.


Bangladesh At a Glance


Paharpur Monastery

Ruins of Buddist Vihara construvted in 7th century. This is the single largest Buddist monastery in the Southern Himalayas


Photographic cluster of old Hindu temple.



This is a formerly lost city with old mosques built in 15th century.


Explore the worlds largest mangrove forest, home of mighty Bengal tigers.


National Parliament

The building was designed by famous architect Louis I Kahn

Old Dhaka

There is variety of markets and historical sites. Great places to stroll around!



Visitthe oldest tea-garden Malinicharain Bangladesh! Or plan a day trip to quarry near border.


Famous for tea garden Exprience Manipuri & Khasia ethnic cultureas well.


Hill tracts

Hilly area that embraces unexplored nature & diversity of tribes. Find different face of Bangladesh!!

Cox's Bazar

Relax on the world's longest sea beach with attractive shell souvenirs.


About Comilla

Comilla is a city in eastern Bangladesh, located along the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. It is the administrative center of the Comilla District, part of the Chittagong Division.

Fair & Main Festival of Bangladesh

Pohela Boishakh

Bengali New Year

The first day of Bengali calender, introduced by Mughal Emperor Akbar, Marks the cultural sprit of Bengalees. All over the country the day is celebrated, especially in Dhaka Chayanat has a long tradition of early morning musical festival.


Baul Mela

Roaming folk singers called bauls have been wandering for hundreds of years, soul searching through meditation and song. bauls gather in Kushtia once a years to celebrating great Baul exponent Lalon's birthday.

Eid Festival


After a month of fasting inRamadan, Muslims celebrate Eid ul festival.


The second Eid festival is called the feast of the sacrifice.

Durga Puja

It is the biggest Bengali Hindu festival which celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the demons. Thousands of Puja Mondops (place for warship) are setup across the country.

Our Exclusive tour packages:
1. Half Day Museum Tour
2. Half Day Shopping Tour
3. Half Day Parliament Tour (Inside)
4. Half Day Dhaka Zoo Tour
5. Half Day National Monument Tour
6. Half Day Sonargaon Tour
7. Half DayRickshaw Tour
8. Half Day Boat Ride Tour
9. Half day photo Session Tour
10. Half Day Jamdani Weaving Fatory Tour
11. Half Day Garments Tour (Local/Int.)
12.Full Day Dhaka + Sonargaon Tour

The JABA Tour Ltd. Renowned inbounds tour operators in Bangladesh. Having total workforce of 30 personnel, only one work stations at Dhaka, all kinds of cars and cruising boat, 4 Japanese speaking interpreters and among them 2 are especially for Japanese media. Also we have 4 English speaking guides those who are taking care of European markets. And we provide different language interpreter for different market.


Our main services are arranging package tours every parts of the country, city sightseeing, Home stay, River cruising, Air-Bus-Rocket/Steamer-Train ticketing, transport rental, research coordination and logistic support to making TV documentary for overseas media. We have experienced staff to cater to any travel related needs outside the country with pure satisfaction of the clients.
Cycling events to Cox's Bazzar 2015